TeleTec is leading AMI solutions Developer and Manufacturer in Ukraine. The production complex and the central office is located in Odessa, Ukraine. TeleTec provides the development, production and technical support of multi-tariff electricity meters Matrix AMM®.

Matrix AMM® — modern turn-key solution for power, data collection, integration, consolidation, aggregation and archiving. Matrix AMM® is easily scalable solution available both for small-scale project and to regional distribution utility. Matrix AMM® is the way to flexible and socially responsible consumer-utility interaction.

The annual sales volume is more than 200,000 smart meters. The production capacity of the company reaches 500,000 meters per year. Since 2004 TeleTec manufactured and deployed more than 1 500 000 AMM hardware equipment.

The main market for the implementation of multi-tariff metering devices is Ukraine and the CIS countries,  such as the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Kazakhstan. The leading customers are regional energy supply companies of Ukraine and neighboring countries.

TeleTec is part of the International Group of Companies Infomir, whose products are represented in more than 140 countries around the world, such as the United States, Canada, Brazil, France, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, etc.

Our main product — multi-tariff smart meters MTX with load control functions, data exchange via digital interfaces operating in automated electricity metering systems Advanced Metering Infrastucture (AMI) and Advanced Metering & Management (AMM).

The main advantage — almost half the price than European counterparts with high quality products and super protection against electric power theft.

We provide infra-red-head and our software for parameterization Mconfig for meters, a service program that allows you to test the communication channel and subtract basic data and current indicators from the meter.

For full work and the disclosure of the entire functionality of the system, receiving surveys, reporting and database management, we provide a free software Matrix AMM.