Our main products is multi-tariff electricity meters Matrix AMM® with load control functions, data exchange via digital interfaces operating in automated electricity metering systems Advanced Metering Infrastucture (AMI) and Advanced Metering & Management (AMM).

The main advantage of our electricity meters — is the low price and high quality products.

We are ready to provide Matrix AMM Startet Kit as part of single-phase electricity meter MTX1, three-phase energy meter MTX3 (model determined according to your specifications), MTX RT2 DCU, Usb optical head, Software Matrix Vision AMI (free) if you plan to test the system solutions, as well as all information material.

If you have any question or interest in our products, we are ready to provide the price and all the needed samples.

Short Project Description

  1. Deployment Volume, metering points q-ty:  more 1 Mio
  2. Resource type:  Power
  3. Voltage levels:   HV, MV, LV
  4. AMI common requirements: Metering Data Collection, Integration, Aggregation, Storage, etc
  5. Application software consist of: AMI Application S/W, Billing Application S/W, ERP Application S/W, CRM Application S/W
  6. Important: All software components must be integrated one with another.

All Application Software and Hardware must be from internationally recognized world top rank manufacturers/suppliers/vendors. The previous similar AMI Projects Deployments experience with volume starting 200 K metering points highly preffered. Telecommunication Technologies LLC as the Project Consortium Member will be supplier own Matrix AMM equipment supporting full Smart Metering functionality.

Send your proposals to following contacts:  Aleksandr Panchenko, Head of brand Matrix AMM/